Anyone wishing to stay at the Toxico-Stop Center must call and be assessed in order to verify their eligibility for the therapy program or reintegration program. In addition, the following information will be given during this telephone call:

  • Services offered
  • Conditions of stay
  • Duration of the program
  • Rules concerning stay
  • Costs associated with services and service disruptions
  • Payment terms
  • Documents and personal effects to bring

Basic Inclusion Criterion

  • Men and women 18 years of age or older who wish to be treated for alcohol or drug abuse. People who follow all types of medication substitution treatment.

Fundamental exclusion criteria

  • People with a risk of withdrawal according to our evaluation tools.
  • People who wish to receive an evaluation to respond to requests from third parties but who do not intend to receive treatment.
  • People who have a history of violence and who pose a risk to the safety of others at the centre.
  • Mood disorder or acute psychotic, or dementia;
  • High suicide risk;
  • High risk of violence against others;
  • High risk of medical complications (requiring initial detoxification and level 4 stabilization from the American Society of Addiction Medicine [ASAM]).
  • Couples are not accepted