According to Toxico-Stop’s philosophy, the treatment must be adapted to each individual and to his or her specific needs, but must also, as the services offered, meet certain standards. As a result, Toxico-Stop's addiction treatment philosophy not only implements the Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET) and relapse prevention as theories of principle, but also other models based on the needs of each individual being treated.

MET is a patient-centered approach, designed to bring about behavioral change through a series of identifiable steps that, for most people, take place gradually (Prochanska and Di Clemente). Specific strategies are also put in place to push the individual forward in the process of change and the principles of motivational interviewing, to enhance motivation and develop a change agenda.

This means taking into account the interactive nature of cultural, social, psychological, physiological and biological factors at the time of the intervention. We advocate total abstinence. Our approach is therefore based on the following values:

  • Self-respect
  • Respect of others
  • Personal responsibility
  • Teaching by example

Toxico-Stop's approach recognizes that there is a greater chance of success if people are able to reintegrate into the community and reconnect after treatment and reintegration process. We use a humanistic approach focused on creating a safe, warm and trusting environment that fosters the development of the person through many services.

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